Trump Tells Journalist “Columbia Is A Liberal, Disgraceful Institution” After She Tells Him About University Study On Coronavirus Deaths

President IMAX is at it again.

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Donald Trump on Sunday took some time off from shitposting on Twitter to call Columbia University a disgraceful institution on Full Measure with Sheryl Attkisson after research showed thousands of lives were lost to the coronavirus that could have been saved with earlier social distancing measures.

Disease modelers at Columbia University this week estimated that about thirty-six thousand lives in the US could have been saved from the novel coronavirus pandemic if social distancing measures and other restrictions had been put in place a week earlier in March. Trump apparently took that as a personal jab just like he does daily after any sort of criticism. This president appears to be allergic to facts, research, and numbers.

“Columbia is a liberal, disgraceful institution,” Trump told Attkisson without citing any evidence to back up his claims.



I’m glad the ‘take no responsibility’ president brought up the word disgrace since our so-called leader was golfing on Saturday while Americans were dying from the national crisis that he failed to act promptly on when he first learned of the looming threat. Trump has previously called Columbia University “an institution that’s very liberal,” and said, “I think it’s just a political hit job, you want to know the truth.”

The U.S. is well past 1.5 million confirmed coronavirus cases, and we’re nearly at one hundred thousand deaths in this country. Over thirty-eight million Americans are now suddenly jobless, and Trump is desperately trying to reopen the economy even though it could cause more death and illness. As this president lashes out at the world amid the pandemic, his focus is on himself while he lacks empathy for people who are really suffering.

And we’re sorry if your feelings are hurt, Mr. President, but you need to pull yourself together and stop offering bad advice like injecting disinfectant while calling actual research fake news. The president is unwell.

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