Trump Tries To Play With Our Emotions As He Tells His Supporters In Iowa: “I May Never Have To Come Back Here Again If I Don’t Get Iowa. I’ll Never Be Back.”

Is that a promise, dude?

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Donald Trump hosted a MAGA rally in Des Moines, Iowa, and of course, the president lashed out at the world. That’s his modus operandi, of course, in which he blames the world for his own failings. And really, after nearly two hundred and seventeen thousand Americans have died on his watch, you’d think Trump would call it a day, but our narcissistic president needs to have his ego fed daily.

So, he’s in Iowa threatening us with a good time by saying, “I may never have to come back here again if I don’t get Iowa. I’ll never be back.”



Earlier, Trump professed his love for Iowa, but that’s apparently only cemented if he wins the state — or the election. That’s quite a revealing statement from the president. It’s all about winning, and when a narcissist is involved, there isn’t real love — it’s always a disastrous affair.

Twitter had something to say.

The fact is that after listening to this president for four years as he feeds his massive ego while offering empty promises, it sounds like a really good thing right now. Americans feel exhausted as they shelter at home, with many US citizens suddenly out of work, while the president continues to downplay the coronavirus pandemic. Yeah, we’d love to never hear from Trump again, and we think that clip would be a great ad for Democratic nominee Joe Biden.  The chaos needs to end. We can do that on Election Day. I mean, unless you want to continue living in this apocalyptic abyss.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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