Trump Turns COVID-19 Press Briefing Into A Campaign Rally By Interupting Presser To Run Clips Of Officials Singing His Praises

This is just creepy.

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In case you were still on the fence about whether or not Donald Trump was a full-blown, full-blooded narcissist, let me just present to you the first few minutes of today’s Coronavirus Task Force briefing and I can pretty much assure you, you’ll be 100 percent convinced that the guy belongs in the basement of a loony bin somewhere with padded walls and a jacket that makes him hug himself.

Despite the fact that even some of his closest allies have all but begged the guy to put the breaks on these ridiculous makeshift MAGA rallies he’s continually excusing as press briefings, not only has Trump trucked right on with them, they’ve gotten exponentially worse — almost overnight.

Now, today’s briefing got started a little differently than the others after rumors started swirling yesterday regarding the possible ousting of Dr. Anthony Fauci — with the doctor actually speaking before anyone else this time, assumingly to clear the air.

However, once Trump took the stage, things took a downward spiral for the ages.

The president spent a good several minutes complaining about the “mistreatment” he feels he’s been subjected to since he began his dismal response to the coronavirus outbreak — something we’ve grown pretty accustomed to over these past three years of pure Hell.

However, I’m not so sure anyone was prepared for what came after.

Once he wrapped up his whine, Trump stepped to the side of the stage as a video started to roll on the screens that can only be described as just short of a propaganda piece — a mashup if you will of various officials singing his praises regarding his actions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

See for yourself:

To make matters even worse, Trump then went on to admit that his White House staff spent a good portion of today putting together his little campaign clip for him after he was called out on it by ABC News Chief White House Correspondent, Jon Karl.

Folks, I gotta be honest… I’m picking up some North Korea vibes that I can’t even wrap my brain around at this point.

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