Trump Visits RNC Annex In Arlington As Votes Are Coming In, Praises The “Young Attractive People” Working There

Urgh, so gross.

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Donald Trump faces the start of what will be his downfall today as the American people voice their grievances with their votes. Trump is in an uphill battle for a multitude of reasons, it isn’t just because he still doesn’t have a plan to deal with COVID-19, the virus that has left 231,000 American’s dead with no signs of disappearing. It isn’t just because he is an idiot, a crook, and a racist; it is because he is a monster.

Trump sits upon a litany of sexual assault allegations and has even moved to replace his private legal team with his personal toadie and Attorney General Bill Barr to try to protect himself. Yes, our president used the defense that he couldn’t have raped someone because they weren’t his type. Allegations aside, he has professed to be monstrous himself when he was outed in 2016. Let us not forget his “locker room talk” and how he spoke about groping women nonchalantly.

These are the things that make today’s interaction seem so skeevy. Today in Arlington, Virginia at the RNC Annex Trump couldn’t help himself, talking about how, “young and attractive,” the members there were. Trump went on talking about the “love” at his rallies like they were Woodstock or something though personally, I don’t really see the love in abandoning your followers without transportation in the cold.


Here is the full interaction, if you can handle it:

Let me remind you that the Republican Party, the party he both champions and corrupts were at one time the party of “family values,”  but Trump has made sure they don’t have a chance of using that phrase unironically again. Trump already sounds tired and defeated, deep down he knows people were gnawing at the bit to vote his disgusting ass out of office.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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Chris Gifford