Trump Walked Up To The Podium For A Speech, Appeared To Walk Funny, Then Seemingly Needed Melania For Balance

What in the world is WRONG with this guy??

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There’s absolutely no shortage of speculation about the physical and mental health of President Trump. His odd antics, irregular doctor’s visits, and clearly falsified medical reports have done him no favors in the eyes of skeptical citizens who worry that America is being led by someone psychologically or physiologically unfit to do so.

In fact, the report that a sailor who acts as one of Trump’s personal valets tested positive for COVID-19 got people talking even more. Now the president is even claiming that he’s been taking the unproven drug hydroxychloroquine for a week and a half “preventatively” to fight off the coronavirus.

But for all the conjecture about whether Trump is in good health just in a general sense, there’s also a nearly equal level of speculation that he uses any number of “crutches” to make himself appear taller, more forceful, or more statesmanlike: Shoe lifts, girdles, stimulants, earpieces — anything to prop him up in public.


Whether it’s one or the other or some combination of the two, his venture out onto the South Lawn recently to deliver a speech did nothing to quell the negative hypotheses about his well-being.

Although you could be forgiven for forgetting that holidays and observances exist while we wade through the mire of COVID-19, the White House is basically required to mark such things, and Trump loves any opportunity to get a camera pointed at him anyway. But perhaps he should have rethought his attention-seeking at least for the day after he was filmed lumbering out across the grass like it was two inches of mud.

Although the tweeter mistakenly called it an Arbor Day speech — that one actually came the following Friday — the video they included captured Trump in all his waddling glory, harumphing across the vast expanse of tall fescue the White House gardeners meticulously roll out and maintain. As he lurches to his right once, then a second time, he grabs on to his wafer-thin wife for support, threatening to topple her with him, should he unceremoniously hit the deck.

Far be it from me to judge Trump’s physical or mental state from 18 seconds of video. But it’s not like we have much else to do while we sit at home and wonder why he’s giving speeches in the middle of a pandemic to begin with.

Featured image via screen capture

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