Trump Warns Governors To Open Places Of Worship And Allow People To Gather At Them For Holiday Weekend: “If They Don’t Do It, I Will Override The Governors”

He really does think he's a dictator.

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Donald Trump has been pushing for a rapid reopening of the United States pretty much from the moment the lockdown was enacted. And it’s really no secret as to why. The American economy was the last shred of hope Trump had to cling to, to even possibly pull him through another election.

With the entire country shut down to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (something that could have been largely avoided in the first place, had Donald simply acted with some sense) the US economy was effectively shut down too, ultimately leading his chances at another term to go swirling the drain with it.

Since the lockdown, Donald has made it clear that his main goal isn’t preventing infections or death, but rather getting the American people back to their mediocre jobs as soon as humanly possible in an effort to recuperate his last ray of hope.

And frankly, he doesn’t give a single damn what anyone else thinks of his plan.

Trump made that much clear today when he declared houses of worship as “essential” during the pandemic and ordered local governors to open them immediately… Or else.

“The governors need to do the right thing and allow these very important essential places of faith to open right now, this weekend,” Trump declared today during some brief remarks at the White House that his administration attempted to label as a briefing.

If they don’t do it I will override the governors,” Trump threatened. “America we need more prayer, not less.”

After his declaration, Trump left immediately without taking any questions, as is usually customary of a typical press briefing.

Many states across the nation are beginning to reopen, but keeping staunch restrictions churches and houses of worship, resulting in a seriously frustrated Trump.

In all reality, despite his desires, Trump doesn’t actually have the authority to override state orders regarding church services. However, his DOJ has been putting the pressure on states to treat places of worship as they would secular entities when they consider their reopening cases.

Frankly, I suppose I’m fine with that. But by that logic, you best start taxing the hell out of those churches.

You can watch the clip here:

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