Trump White House Reportedly Nixed A Deal That Would Pay For The Mental Health Care Of Migrant Children That Were Separated From Their Parents At Border

Their horribleness knows no bounds.

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Kids in cages, families separated at our border — these things are synonymous with the Donald Trump administration and will likely be the defining trait years after his presidency is just a distant memory. And while Trump is most definitely an evil, racist man, the tactics his administration used at the border are much more nefarious than his own tiny brain can muster. The worst immigration policies of the Trump regime can usually be traced back to Stephen Miller, the separation of parents from their children at the border being the most prominent. But we have just found out about a new, horrible action against those who were separated.

Reports are claiming that back in 2019, the Trump White House blocked the Department of Justice from making a deal to pay for mental health services for the families who had been separated, according to allegations from both current and former senior administration officials. The sources that reported this requested anonymity and said that the Office of White House Counsel made the decision to reject the settlement after meeting with the senior advisor, and probably the most crooked soul in the Trump administration, Stephen Miller.

“DOJ strongly, and unanimously, supported the settlement, but not all agencies involved were on the same page, ultimately, the settlement was declined at the direction of the White House counsel’s office,” one source said, while another administration official just came out and said it:

Ultimately, it was Stephen who prevailed. He squashed it.”

Tearing these families apart and forcing them to live in squalid conditions wasn’t enough for him, apparently, and now he has moved on to making sure there is lasting mental damage as well. Mark Rosenbaum, a lawyer for a public interest group representing the families, said it best:

“Many of these children thought their parents had deliberately abandoned them. The longer that trauma goes unredressed, the more severe the consequences, we had a deal, a good deal. Everybody was feeling good about where we were. Then they came back and said no.”

This is what Stephen Miller undoubtedly wants, though. All of their policies have been inhumane and un-American and the next administration will not forget the damage they have caused.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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Chris Gifford