Trump Won’t Be Happy As UK Prime Minister Praises President Biden As “Breath Of Fresh Air” In Meeting Before G7

Oof. Trump won't like this at all.

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As I’m sure you recall, there were very few of his fellow world leaders that Donald Trump really hit it off well with during his time in office. In fact, aside from dictators like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un, none of them seemed to really care for the guy at all. So, I can only imagine that Donnie will soon be blowing a gasket once he hears about the UK Prime Minister not only heaping his praises on the new guy but actually calling him a “breath of fresh air.”

Of course, President Biden and First Lady Jill are in the UK today, ahead of the G7 Summit, where they met with British Prime Minister Borris Johnson ahead of the big meeting, as Johnson is reportedly looking to work on a huge range of issues with London, from climate change to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking of his talks with the US president, Borris said, “It’s a big breath of fresh air. It’s new, it’s interesting and we’re working very hard together. We went on for about an hour and 20 or so. It was a long, long, good session. We covered a huge range of subjects.” — according to a report from Reuters. 


We can only assume here that he means a big breath of fresh air compared to the last guy.

President Biden even cracked a cute joke after a choreographed walk with their spouses and some photos full of smiles between the two world leaders, saying, “I told the prime minister we have something in common. We both married way above our station.”

Johnson laughed at the quip, saying he was “not going to dissent from that one” before implying that he’s looking towards improving his relationship with his American counterpart.

“I’m not going to disagree with you on that,” the UK Prime Minister said, “or indeed on anything else.”

It was during this meeting that First Lady Dr. Jill Biden donned her kind-hearted jacket emblazoned with the word “LOVE” on the back to help “bring unity” amid their meeting.

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It’s pretty clear that the leader of the UK is hopeful about his relationship with America’s President, something I can only imagine he wasn’t able to experience over the past four years.

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