Trump World Should Be Terrified As J6 Panel Confirms Creation Of Subcommittee With The Purpose Of Handling Potential Criminal Referrals To The DOJ

This is far from over.

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Donald Trump almost undoubtedly believes that his legal woes with the January 6th House Select Committee are soon to be over — after Republicans managed to secure and reclaim the majority in the US House of Representatives by a razor-thin margin, in an otherwise humiliatingly unsuccessful midterm election.

But the J6 Committee is already letting the big guy and all his little cronies that this isn’t over yet.

January 6th House Select Committee Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson confirmed today that the panel has created a special subcommittee to deal with “outstanding issues” — most notably, any potential criminal referrals they may soon be making to the US Department of Justice, in connection to their investigation.

“We need to have a decision as to what we do with the members who did not recognize the subpoenas,” Thompson confirmed.

Speaking with reporters at the Capitol building, Rep. Thompson revealed that he established the subcommittee, spearheaded by committee investigator Rep. Jamie Raskin, “about a month ago.”

The subcommittee consists of Representatives Adam Schiff, Zoe Lofgren, and Liz Cheney, who serves as the full J6 panel’s vice chair. Thompson noted in speaking to reporters on the matter that the members of this subcommittee are “all lawyers.”

Rep. Raskin also weighed in on the matter, saying, “we’re looking at potential referrals or criminal offenses and for civil offenses and for general lawlessness where it might not otherwise be obvious.”

Raskin, who also lead the charge of Donald Trump’s second impeachment in the House, for his incitement of the January 6th Capitol attack via his Big Lie, went on to further add, “We’re looking at criminal and civil referrals for people who have broken the law and may have escaped scrutiny.”

Thompson told reporters, “we need to have a decision as to what we do with the members who did not recognize the subpoenas. It’s cleaning up every unfinished piece of work for the committee. And that part of it just fit better in some subcommittee. Let them come back and report, and we’ll make a decision.”

This development comes as Donald Trump formally announced his candidacy for the 2024 presidential run, just one day after he was a no-show at the scheduled deposition with the J6 Committee, putting him in direct defiance of a Congressional subpoena.

Republicans will officially take control of the House in January, leaving the House Select Committee with little time to tie up loose ends. Earlier this week, Thompson told reporters that the Panel intends to release its final report next month.

“Our goal is to get it completed soon so we can get it to the printer,” the Committee Chairman explained. “We plan to have our product out sometime in December.”

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