Trump’s 2020 SOTU Viewer Numbers Are In And He Probably Won’t Be Happy

Donnie is going to be broken-hearted.

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From the beginning of the Trump presidency, all America has seen is an unhinged lunatic pretending that more people like him than actually do. You heard it any number of ways:

  • “Half the country” voted for him — not even close, since almost as many eligible voters stayed home as voted for either candidate, and he didn’t even get half of the ones who did.
  • “This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration — period — both in person and around the globe” — laughably false.
  • “Your favorite president” — AKA the only president in history to never reach 50 percent approval during an entire term.

It happens because, as you’ve read in a couple other articles on Political Tribune lately, all Trump cares about is popularity. Well, we’ve got some bad news for him once again. The television viewership numbers for his Tuesday State of the Union Address are in, and they look abysmal for the ratings-obsessed attention whore.

Even the lede from Hollywood Reporter kind of undersells the story — “Preliminary figures show the annual address down by double digits versus 2019,” it says, but that doesn’t tell you just how big those double digits are.


In 2019, Trump’s big address to the nation drew an estimated 46.79 million viewers, while this year’s garnered a mere 15.23 million. Now, I don’t know how good you are at quick math, but I do know that 15 goes into 46 three times, so Trump was down by two-thirds of last year’s audience, a number that should make him shut up about his popularity for at least a day or two (but won’t).

All in all, Trump has little to no reason to crow about his ratings or popularity anymore, but he continues to rave about himself on television, on Twitter, and anywhere else he can manage to get a microphone in front of his smug face.

Let’s hope this tempers that a tiny bit.

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