Trump’s Bedminster Neighbors Reportedly Don’t Want To Be Associated With Him Anymore And We Can’t Blame Them

Who would want him as a neighbor?

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Imagine for a second having former President Donald J. Trump as your neighbor. It’s bad enough we have to listen to the guy drone on and on about a “rigged” election that took place over nine months ago that wasn’t actually rigged. Well, some of the twice-impeached one-term neighbors in Bedminister, New Jersey, aren’t too keen with his presence, especially after he incited the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection, according to Business Insider.

A local Democrat, who requested anonymity to avoid retribution from “the Trump crazies,” told Insider’s Warren Rojas that disillusionment with Trump among local conservatives had expanded in recent years.

“They started out by saying, ‘Well, we’re proud to have the president come to our town,'” the individual told Rojas. “They don’t say that anymore.”


“They don’t want to align themselves with Trump at all,” the source added.

Rojas reports that the former president “hunkers down here about half the year, beelining for Bedminster once his Palm Beach, Florida, property of Mar-a-Lago shuts down for the summer, typically from May to October. A Washington Post report estimates that Trump spent 106 days at his Bedminster club while president, squeezing in nearly three dozen rounds of golf in New Jersey compared with the 230 games he played elsewhere.”

“This latest incursion kicked off in May, following months of golf-based postelection self-care in Florida. Stripped of access to Twitter and other social media platforms, Trump has had to seek out other distractions,” the report continues. “In addition to hitting the links at his 36-hole summer hideout, Trump has busied himself by auditioning MAGA-aligned challengers to unleash on the 17 Republicans who voted for either of his back-to-back impeachments and airing grievances to power-hungry acolytes awaiting their 2024 marching orders.”

Steve Parker, who runs the private Somerset Airport, told Rojas that “it wasn’t like he was going down to the local pizzeria every Friday night,” and added, “We’re kind of back to normal here.”

Rojas reports that he tried to speak with an older man reading the Biden-bashing New York Post, but that didn’t work out well.

“When asked what it was like having Trump around all summer, the sunny disposition he’d displayed earlier quickly faded,” the outlet reports. “His face clouded over. The man polished off the breakfast platter and bottomless cup of decaf coffee in silence — never again making eye contact, even as he shuffled out the door.”

“Hope Kaufman, who along with a fellow Democrat, Nicholas LaBelle, is running for state assembly in the legislative district that covers Bedminster, said ignoring Trump was a luxury dismissive local Republicans no longer had,” the report adds.

“After the insurrection, a lot of the people that were very vocally Trump in town dialed it back a lot and took a really good long stare at themselves,” she told Rojas.

You can read the full report here.

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