Trump’s Body Language Says It All After California Governor Explains To Him That Majority Of Forest Land In The State Is Owned By The Federal Government

What a big baby.

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Donald Trump touched down in Sacramento Monday for a briefing on the raging West Coast wildfires with Gov. Gavin Newsom, and things got rather bizarre since the president has repeatedly blamed the fires on poor forest management. Oh, and this was before our stable genius president claimed that exploding trees caused the fires. And Trump also claimed that the climate would just “start getting cooler, you just watch. When California’s Natural Resources Secretary said, “I wish science agreed with you,” the president said, “I don’t think science knows actually.”

So, it’s been quite a day, and if Trump truly wanted the public to remain “calm,” he is doing a lousy job. Trump doesn’t seem to be aware when he blames the wildfires on poor forest management that the federal government owns almost all of it in California. Maybe Trump doesn’t realize that he’s the head of the federal government. Who knows with this guy.

Governor Gavin Newsom had to explain it to Trump, and while doing that, the president crossed his arms like a child.


“We can agree to disagree on the politics,” Newsom told Trump, “but one thing is fundamental: fifty-seven percent of the land in this state is federal, and three percent is state forests.”


Trump doesn’t like to listen to others, even experts in the field, when dealing with issues. But now, Americans are suffering through a number of national crises, and the president thinks he knows more than everyone else. Trump has experts at his disposal around the clock, but he fails to take their advice.

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Newsom’s statistics are correct according to U.S. Forest Service data. And twenty-one of the fires currently burning are taking place on federal land, including the largest fire ever recorded in California. Trump is just allergic to facts. It would be nice if we had a president to lead us through the national crises, but we’ve been abandoned by the current occupant of the White House.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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