Trump’s Chances At Reelection Keep Getting Worse As All 50 Governors Poll Higher Than POTUS For COVID-19 Response

This is the largest poll conducted during the entire pandemic.

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Trump went on yet another Twitter rampage about the Governors of individual states whose approval ratings are “sky high” in regard to their handling of the pandemic as it concerns the citizens of their respective states, saying that there was “no way” they could be enjoying that level of popularity without his help:

But a huge poll of 22,000 Americans conducted jointly between Harvard, Northeastern University, and Rutgers shows that the Governors of all 50 US states have higher approval ratings for their handling of the coronavirus crisis than President Trump.


That comes as little surprise after what has seemed to be an endless litany of blunders by Trump, from instituting a “ban” on travel from China much later than he should have — which still let in 40,000 potential carriers of the virus anyway — to suggesting that research should be done on the efficacy of injecting disinfectants and performing internal UV therapy as treatments for the deadly virus.

Respondents to the poll also indicated that they did not favor “reopening the economy” on anything close to an immediate basis, with only 7 percent of all voters suggesting that option and the highest overall response for “after more than eight weeks.”

Trump came in eighth in a list of the most trusted sources of information on the COVID-19 outbreak, behind even pharmaceutical companies and local police departments. Social media, predictably, came in as the least trusted source of information — which seems like the highlight of the poll — indicating that users of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms are far less gullible than they are sometimes given credit for.

Four in ten Americans still believe that the federal government under Trump is not taking the outbreak seriously enough, a result that may have been predicted by reactions to Trump’s insistence that this will “just go away.”

Only two state governors scored less than a 50 percent approval in their own states (Hawaii and South Dakota), although in each, they were leagues ahead of Trump’s approval there.

Blue state governors seemed to score the highest on average, although the Republican governor of Ohio had the best score from his own voters and the Democratic governor of red-state Kentucky came in second.

All of this information is likely being dissected by Trump’s campaign team as we speak in hopes of determining how best to spin it — because there’s precious little chance they’re brainstorming ways to fix the disparities.

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