Trump’s Childlike Behavior Re-Emerges Once Again, Reportedly Says Adam Schiff “Looks Like A Watermelonhead.”

Be Best?

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With five days left until the election, and hundreds of thousands of Americans already casting their vote, and pretty much every reputable poll in the nation still predicting a Biden win — well, folks, Donald Trump is pretty damn desperate. And when Donald gets desperate, he gets ridiculous. Even more so than normal, I mean.

It’s become crystal clear over the years that one of the President’s most heavily relied on tactics is bullying and name-calling — despite the fact that his wife’s only real initiative throughout these four years has literally been an anti-bullying campaign. But whatever, right? Melania’s “Be Best” campaign has done absolutely nothing to staunch her husband’s schoolyard asshole habits. Pretty much everyone he’s decided he doesn’t like has gotten a trademark-Trump nickname — Sleepy” Joe, “Crazy” Nancy, “Pocahontas,” etc. Frankly, they’re not even that catchy or original.

But to make matters worse, the guy rarely, if ever, stops with just the name-calling. He has to throw in a hefty helping of blatant bullying, too, often making fun of people for whatever he can think of off the top of his head.

For a good while, Trump was stuck on calling House Representative Adam Schiff “pencil neck.” And now it seems he’s moved on to more insults against the guy that steamrolled his humiliating impeachment.

During his Tampa, FL rally this afternoon, Trump said, “I saw Schiff the other day. Two days ago. Watermelon,” he said as he made a round movement around his own head, “He looks like a watermelon head.”

As I said before, it seems his wife’s initiative is completely lost on him, and social media appears to agree:

Oh, how I like forward to having a competent adult in office. These 5 days can’t go by fast enough.

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