Trump’s “Coup Lawyer” Was Reportedly Raided By FBI Outside Restaurant, Officials Seized His Electronics

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Former law professor and legal adviser John Eastman, dubbed the “Coup Lawyer” for his infamous hand in the notorious “Coup Memo” related to January 6th, was allegedly raided, searched, and had his electronics seized by officials with the Federal Bureau of Investigation last week, following similar raids of numerous other high profile Republicans.

CNN now reports that around the same time that various GOP leaders, a former Republican Trump elector from Georgia, and a former Arizona Trump campaign staffer were being woken from their beds by federal agents, Trump attorney John Eastman was also being raided and searched. Eastman reportedly appeared in a New Mexico court this morning and confirmed that he was filing a lawsuit against federal officials, claiming that they subjected him to an “unlawful” search and seizure.

According to the report, Eastman was leaving a restaurant with his wife and a friend, after their dinner, when he was approached by 6 investigators who requested access to his emails on his iPhone 12.

“Eastman contends the agents ‘forced’ him to unlock his phone,” CNN reported. “A seizure warrant document included in Eastman’s filing noted any electronic devices agents seized were to be sent to Washington, DC, or the Justice Department inspector general’s forensic lab in northern Virginia.”

“Eastman is asking a federal judge to force the Justice Department to return his property, destroy records it has obtained and block investigators from being allowed to access the phone.”

The Trump attorney now serves as the latest Trump-associated individual whose communications have become subject to the Biden Department of Justice’s extensive and ongoing investigation into the happenings on January 6th, 2021.

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