Trump’s Day Just Got A Whole Lost Worse As Report Revealed Trump Organization Senior VP May Have Already Testified Before Manhattan DA’s Special Grand Jury


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**UPDATE** Since publishing this article, the New York Times released a report saying that Jeff McConney has been subpoenaed to testify in the case against Donald Trump, but they were unable to verify the ABC News report claiming that he already has.




If Donald Trump was still somehow under the impression (or delusion) that these (now criminal) investigations that are currently raging against him will somehow go away, poof into thin air, or be swept under the rug, as it pretty customary when it comes to Trump and any of his wrongdoings, something tells me he won’t be so confident after he gets wind of this report.

There’s no denying that former President Trump has long been a whiz at somehow avoiding pretty much any and all accountability for his actions. I mean, the guy has been impeached not just once, but twice, yet has never faced actual convictions in the Senate for his crimes. And, honestly, most of the rest of his life has been the same. He’s always been able to pay someone off, threaten someone’s livelihood, whatever he needed to do to make his problems go away.

But that’s simply not a tactic that’s going to work when it comes to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance. Vance has been criminally investigating the former president’s business, the Trump Organization, for tax fraud. Recently, reports broke that Vance has convened a special grand jury to pour over the mounds of evidence he has collected against the former real estate “mogul” turned America’s biggest embarrassment. But, if that wasn’t already bad enough news for Donnie, this should do the trick.

A new report from ABC News revealed that a senior vice president and controller of the Trump Organization has now testified before that said special grand jury in the case against the ex-president, his company, and its employees.

ABC News cites sources saying that Jeff McConney, whose LinkedIn profile describes him as a 34-year Trump Organization employee and is considered one of the highest-ranking officials within the business, is the first member of the Trump Org. to testify in the case, with sources stating that “his testimony is a sign that prosecutors have burrowed deep into the company’s finances.”

Given his position within the company, McConney would have very specific knowledge regarding the Trump Organization’s finances.

The former chief assistant district attorney in Manhattan and now a partner in private practice at Buckley LLP, Daniel R. Alonso, told ABC, “Complex accounting issues are crucial to this investigation as is the knowledge and intent of the people at the Trump Organization involved in these transactions.”

“In any case like that, the two most important people — whether as targets or witnesses — are the company’s CFO and the company’s controller,” he stated, adding, “If, as has been reported, the DA is targeting Allen Weisselberg, it’s a logical step to seek testimony from the controller, who presumably reports to him and works with him every day.”

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