Trump’s Former Friend Revealed What The President Smells Like Up Close And We’re Scratching Our Heads

Well, this is just... Odd.

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Over the years, Donald Trump has been the subject of quite a few gnarly, bombshell revelations from dozens of people who used to consider themselves friends with the guy until they were forced to watch in horror as he ripped this nation to shreds piece by piece.

We’ve heard the horror stories about his rampant racism, his blatant cruelty, his sexism and xenophobia and bigotry and sexual assaults… The list goes on and on.

But this one, this is just… Well… It’s weird.


I have to say, I’ve honestly never found myself just sitting around and pondering, “What does Donald Trump smell like?

But nevertheless, Donnie’s former “frenemy” Piers Morgan filled us in on that information anyway — and surprisingly enough, it is not a heady mix of Vaseline, cheap brothel, spray tan, the burning ash of this country, and his mother’s disappointment like I expected. In fact, it sounds as though the guy smells rather clean. I guess the smoke from an entire country on fire can’t penetrate the layers of Aqua Net and spray tan.

In an interview with The Guardian, Morgan said, “Quite expensive aftershave… not overly done, just a light, gentle aroma,” according to Indy 100. “You’d imagine he’d smell like some flamboyant nightclub owner in the 7os but he doesn’t.”

Morgan went on to add, “He’s actually a germaphobe. If you coughed, it was like you’d got the plague and out would come the Purell and he wouldn’t shake hands with people. He was obsessive about it. Then when he gets hit by a real killer virus, he treats it like a bloody casual load of nonsense. I don’t get that.”

Yea. We don’t get that either.

Trump’s “smell” is certainly a little surprising to us. But then again, I suppose demons can pull off all sorts of crazy tricks. Even making themselves smell nice.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore, under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license

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