Trump’s Handler Reportedly Had To Play Show Tunes To Calm Him Down From “Terrifying” Rage

You can't make this stuff up.

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We’ve all seen former President Donald Trump fly off the handle for the smallest of reasons. Well, according to Stephanie Grisham’s forthcoming book, “I’ll Take Your Questions Now,” the twice-impeached one-term president’s handlers went to great lengths to calm him down. The former White House press secretary also revealed that Trump constantly berated her, according to an excerpt obtained by the New York Times. And that sounds about right since devaluing others comes straight out of a narcissist’s playbook.

She also explained why she never held a press briefing, writing, “I knew that sooner or later the president would want me to tell the public something that was not true or that would make me sound like a lunatic.”

Grisham describes Trump’s anger issues in the forthcoming book as “terrifying”: “When I began to see how his temper wasn’t just for shock value or the cameras,” she writes, “I began to regret my decision to go to the West Wing.”


“At one point, she writes, Mr. Trump’s handlers designated an unnamed White House official known as the “Music Man” to play him his favorite show tunes, including “Memory” from “Cats,” to pull him from the brink of rage,” the outlet reports. “(The aide, it is revealed later, is Ms. Grisham’s ex-boyfriend. She does not identify him, but it is Max Miller, a former White House official now running for Congress with Mr. Trump’s support.)”

Miller, though, has his own set of issues. Politico reported that Grisham ended her relationship with Miller when he pushed her against a wall and slapped her in the face in his Washington apartment after she accused him of cheating on her. Still, Trump has endorsed Miller in his bid for Congress.

“The truth was that pretty much everyone eventually wore out their welcome with the president,” Grisham writes. “We were bottles of milk with expiration dates.” The former press secretary adds, “I should have spoken up more.”

As for the Music Man, I need someone to explain to me how that works. I’m imagining Trump in a stressful situation, then he starts to lose his shit with a world leader, then he’s giving the nuclear codes the side-eye, so that’s when an aide calls out, “I know, bring me the Music Man!”

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