Trump’s Impeachment Lawyer Loses His Cool After Senators Laugh At His Unhinged Rant About Calling Witnesses

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In case you hadn’t noticed, Donald Trump’s impeachment trial defense has been the absolute dumpster fire we’ve been expecting. Hell, even Trump himself reportedly hasn’t been happy with the performances of his attorneys.

Frankly, I think Donald’s defense team knows that the former president really screwed up this time and there’s really not much actual “defense” to be had. So, they’ve just resorted to being really loud and obnoxious.

We got to watch one of Trump’s impeachment attorneys do just that when he went on an unhinged rant about impeachment trial witnesses only to turn around and snap at US senators when they laughed at his manic demands.


Attorney Michael van der Veen began his rant by raging against the mere idea of calling witnesses in the trial before claiming that he would call 100 witnesses while oddly exclaiming, “Do not handcuff me!”

The Trump attorney then returned to the lectern and declared that if witnesses are ultimately called, he would go after depositions from individuals the old-fashioned way — in his own law office in Philadelphia.

That particular tangent brought senators on the floor to a round of laughter, and the attorney did not take well to it.

“I don’t know how many civil lawyers are here, but that’s the way it works, folks,” van der Veen shot back. “When you want somebody’s deposition, you send a notice of deposition and they appear at the place where the notice says. that’s civil process. I don’t know why you’re laughing — it is a civil process. that’s the way lawyers do it, we send notices of deposition.”

Sen. Pat Leahy called for order only for the attorney to snap at lawmakers once more.

“I haven’t laughed at any of you and there’s nothing laughable here,” he declared. “He mentioned my client coming in to testify — that is not the way it’s done. If he wanted to talk to Donald Trump, he should have to put a subpoena down like i’m going to slap subpoenas on a good number of people if witnesses are what is required here for them to try to get their case back in order, which has failed miserably for four reasons.”

“There’s no jurisdiction here, there has been no due process here, they have completely violated and ignored and stepped on the Constitution of the United States,” he went on. “They have trampled on it like people who have no respect for it and, if this is about nothing else, it has to be about the respect of our country, our Constitution, and all of the people that make it up.”

You can watch his meltdown here:

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