Trump’s In Trouble After His Approval Rating Suffers “Sharpest Drop Gallup Has Recorded”

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We’ve never had a president with as low an average in approval ratings as the current commander in chief. That’s understandable since there’s never been a president who was more widely hated by those who opposed him, following an election in which the person who won the popular vote actually lost due to the electoral college — many saw Trump’s victory as a technicality from the very beginning, and it has been reflected in his polling, which has never once reached 50 percent approval.

But the news from Gallup is grim for the plagued president this week as they marked the most drastic decline in approval ratings for Trump in the timeframe involved that has ever been noted by the gold star polling agency.

The six-point decline in the president’s approval rating is the sharpest drop Gallup has recorded for the Trump presidency so far, largely because Trump’s ratings have been highly stable and have yet to reach the historical average for presidents (back to 1945) of 53%.”

Ironically, tragedy, misery, and war seem to bolster most presidents’ approval ratings, with a country eager to get behind a coherent, strong leader who can help guide them through dark times and lay out a plan for recovery.


And if that sounds at all like Donald Trump to you, I have a bridge in New York that hasn’t been quarantined yet I’d like to sell you.

Could it be a coincidence that the timeframe Gallup shows for the steep drop lines up perfectly with the sudden and mostly unwanted advent of near-daily press briefings with the president? His Coronavirus Task Force pressers have become an object of scorn by the media and most of America since he insists on limiting the time that scientists and doctors are able to speak and fills the gaps with nonsensical rambling of his own — turning them essentially into campaign rallies.

Whatever the reason, it doesn’t bode well for Trump’s reelection campaign, which at this point has basically become a constant plea for the economy to be reopened, consequences be damned.

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