Trump’s Insecurity Comes Through Again As He Uses Press Briefing To Read Printouts Of People Saying Nice Things About Him

Is he SERIOUS right now?

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Today ends with a “Y,” which means that Donald Trump is currently having another Coronavirus Task Force briefing, a waste of time for not just Americans who may be watching at home, but for the reporters in the room, all dutifully spaced 6 feet apart awaiting the president’s inevitable anger at them for actually asking any questions.

Frankly, we’re not certain why they keep showing up.

Today, however, Trump underlined just how useless he is by pulling a move you may only have ever seen your computer-illiterate mom do: He printed out news articles that were published on the internet, the dumbass Boomer version of clipping out a Letter To The Editor from their local paper to send you via standard mail to let you know what they think of the potholes on their street.


It didn’t take long to figure out what he was up to — the articles were complimentary of him and attacking the news media outlets that have questioned the president.

Rich Lowry, for the record, is not a respected journalist, he’s the editor in chief of the National Review, perhaps the most mainstream right-wing news magazine still in print. Honestly, we’re not even sure Lowry is a person, either.

Kyle Smith sounds like a familiar name too, but I can’t quite place where I’ve… Oh, right, he’s also a writer for the National Review.

I’m not sure how many times Donald Trump has to tweet or quote someone saying nice things about him before a real journalist — preferably a woman — stands up at one of these briefings and asks him why he’s so insecure that he needs to reassure people that someone said something good about him once.

And someone please unplug this man’s printer, this is embarrassing.

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