Trump’s Makeup Seems To Be Getting Worse And Worse And Social Media Can’t Ignore It: “Did The Makeup Artist Also Endorse Biden?”

What is the deal?!

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Donald Trump is having a rough go of things here lately — what with his poll numbers plummeting by the second it seems, a crap economy on his record, a deadly pandemic that’s still raging out of control, and an ever-growing list of even some of his closest people that have turned their back on him ahead of the impending election, hopping on Team Biden in an effort to save this nation from the turmoil of the Trump administration before it’s too late.

But from the way things have been looking here lately, it seems that Donald’s makeup artist may be Ridin’ with Biden, as well. That or the guy is just literally getting to a point where he just doesn’t care. Because, seriously, that makeup line is getting ROUGH. 

Today, Vox journalist and popular Twitter user Aaron Rupar took to his Twitter account with what appeared to be an unaltered screen capture of Donald Trump during some sit down speaking event or interview. And there’s simply no denying that whatever is going on with that guy’s makeup is getting increasingly worse.


Take a look for yourself:

Seriously, dude. I know your campaign is strapped on cash and all, but you can get a beauty blender for like a buck.

To say the least, the rest of social media was quick to weigh in with their thoughts:

Is his makeup artist pulling off the greatest inside joke of all time, or does the dude honestly think he looks good like that?

Featured image via screen capture

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