Trump’s Niece Confirms What We’ve All Thought When Trump Announced He Was Running For President: “He Simply Wanted Free Publicity For His Brand”

Quelle surprise!

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Donald Trump and his family members tried but couldn’t stop his niece, Mary Trump, from forging ahead with her publisher to release her tell-all memoir that is set to hit the book stores two weeks earlier than expected as a result of “high demand and extraordinary interest.” CNN obtained a copy of the book, and honestly, some of it just isn’t too surprising to those of us that have watched and witnessed Trump’s instability since he hit the campaign trail.

But one detail sticks out: Trump never wanted to become the president. This is something most of us observed already as he relives his electoral map victory during his MAGA rallies over three years since his “win.”

Mary Trump, a licensed clinical psychologist, told of her uncle’s constant need for publicity. She goes on to explain that she was invited to Trump’s victory party in 2016. Still, she declined to attend because she said, as a Hillary Clinton supporter, she writes that she “wouldn’t be able to contain my euphoria when Clinton’s victory was announced, and I didn’t want to be rude.”


We can all relate to that. Most people did not expect Donald Trump to win the presidency.

At first, Mary Trump writes, she didn’t take her uncle’s run for president seriously, nor did she think Mr. Trump did either. “I didn’t think Donald took it seriously,” she wrote. “He simply wanted the free publicity for his brand.”

“‘He’s a clown,’ my aunt Maryanne said during one of our regular lunches at the time. ‘This will never happen,'” Mary Trump wrote.

Mary Trump had a restraining order filed against her. Still, her spokesman, Chris Bastardi, weighed in on Monday: “The act by a sitting president to muzzle a private citizen is just the latest in a series of disturbing behaviors.”

The first words of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign were a lie after he defended down the escalator with Melania in 2015.

“Wow. Woah. That is some group of people. Thousands!” Trump said, looking out towards a few dozen reporters. Donald Trump was selling his brand, not his campaign for the presidency. Just ask his niece. And now that Trump is president while facing multiple national crises, he’s left the United States without a leader.

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