Trump’s Niece Is Said To Be Writing A Tell-All Book, Making This The First Time A Family Member Of His Is Highly Critical Of Trump

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Donald Trump and his administration have spent a good portion of his presidency trying to do damage control after a tell-all book from one former insider or another threatens to expose him for what he truly is.

However, in the 3-plus years that Trump has been residing in the United States White House, no tell-all tome has ever hit this close to home for him.

In a bombshell report from the Daily Beast, people with close knowledge of the situation claim that the daughter of Trump’s deceased brother is set to pen and publish a tell-all book on her father’s brother this summer, complete with “harrowing and salacious” stories about Donald himself.


According to the report, Mary Trump, 55, has a release date of August 11th — just a few weeks ahead of the Republican National Convention — for her bombshell book, Too Much And Never Enough. 

Sources familiar with the situation say that the biggest, most explosive revelation that’s set to come out in Mary’s book is admission and explanation of the critical role she personally played in assisting the New York Times with publishing huge, startling revelations regarding her uncle’s taxes — including but not limited to the “fraudulent” tax schemes Trump was allegedly involved in that landed him the equivalent of $400 million in today’s dollars from his father’s real estate empire.

In her book, Mary is expected to detail how she served as a primary source for the NYT‘s Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation surrounding the president’s shady tax dealings, ultimately revealing that she was the one to hand over her grandfather’s (Donald Trump’s father), Fred Trump Sr.’s, tax returns as well as various other highly confidential financial documents from the Trump family to the paper for their investigation.

Simon & Schuster, the publishers of Mary’s upcoming opus, are closely guarding the details that the book will contain. However, the Daily Beast was able to determine that Mary Trump’s book will likely contain conversations with retired federal judge and sister to Donald Trump, Maryanne Trump Barry, that are full of intimate and downright damning thoughts about her brother, the president.

Mary Trump has thus far been a rather silent member of the prominent family, remaining quiet and out of the public’s eye for literal decades. However, Trump’s niece did give us all a pretty good indicator of her feelings towards her extended family back in 2000, amid a nasty family court battle surrounding her father’s will.

Speaking to the New York Daily News during the court battle, Mary said, “Given this family, it would be utterly naive to say it has nothing to do with money. But for both me and my brother, it has much more to do with that our father [Fred Jr.] be recognized.”

It sounds to me as though Mary Trump has been holding in a whole lot of dirt on her uncle for decades now. But fortunately for us, her silence won’t last much longer.

All I can say is, with the information coming out of his family tree, Trump better watch out.

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