Trump’s Own Former Aide Praises Cheney, Urges GOP To Stop Peddling Ex-President’s Crazy Lies

His own people are speaking out against his lies.

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As I’m sure you’ve seen by now, Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney was officially ousted by her House Republican colleagues from their leadership ranks, a move used by House GOPers to punish Cheney for criticizing former President Donald Trump’s repeated false claims of a stolen election. It was a petty, childish move on the GOP’s part because they evidently have nothing better to do.

Liz has made it very clear, since the moment the vote was finalized, that she will not back down. She will do everything in her power to ensure that Donald Trump never enjoys an inside few of the White House again.

And while I’m sure several of her fellow House Republicans are currently enjoying a petty celebration at her expense, not everyone on the Right agrees with what took place at today’s vote.


Donald Trump’s own former communications director, Alyssa Farah, spoke with CNN today and heaped praise on the Republican pariah, Liz Cheney, and also criticized members of the party for ousting Cheney over refusing to back Trump’s Big Lie, calling the move “strategically unwise.”

“When you lose an election, the last thing you should do is look back on the election and repeatedly relitigate it. The last thing we should be talking about is the election the Republicans lost. We should be focusing on the midterms and what the Republican Party is for,” Farrah told CNN today.

CNN host John Berman noted that Farah left the Trump White House in December, due to increasing concerns that Trump was “misleading the public about the election” and fear that Trump’s lies would ultimately incite violence — which is exactly what happened just weeks later when his supporters violently stormed the nation’s Capitol in an attempt to somehow put a stop to the confirmation of the Electoral votes that made Joe Biden president.

“How many actual Americans even know what House Republican Conference Chair is?” Farrah questioned. “This is a Washington fight internally on Capitol Hill that has no bearing on the American public and it’s a shame.”

She went on to say that infighting over Cheney’s political future is not what the caucus “needs to be voting on” and noted that it would only serve to make the upcoming midterms “a bigger challenge” for the Republican party.

Ms. Farrah explained that Republicans won’t win back the House of Representatives by securing the districts of famed Conservative talking heads and diehard Trump loyalists like Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene or Florida’s Matt Gaetz. Instead, the party should be focusing on moderate districts where Democrats are pulling a one or two-point lead against their Republican counterparts. “They don’t do that by carrying on the myth that the election was stolen,” Farrah asserted.

“I give a ton of credit to Liz Cheney because she’s putting her legacy and doing the right thing ahead of what’s actually beneficial to her career,” she told CNN before going on to say that Cheney’s ousting from leadership was “entirely the wrong focus.”

She went on to urge House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to not give Trump’s endless election lies “the time of day” and suggested that he should instead turn his focus to actual governing rather than what’s coming “out of Mar-A-Lago from the retired former president.”

At one point in the interview, the CNN host asked the former Trump White House aide what, if any, role she thought Cheney’s gender played in her removal from a leadership position, with Farrah jokingly responding, “I’m biased, but I tend to find that women have stronger backbones than men.”

Farrah noted that she feels that women who take a stand against something are usually subjected to “even more criticism and certainly backlash from a darker corner of whether it’s the internet or elsewhere.”

She called Cheney “an important voice” and said that the now controversial Wyoming Republican will still have a role to play in the future of the GOP “because leaders tend to thrive and rise to the top.”

Farrah explained that if the Republican party allows “these wars within our own conference consume us” then Republicans will end up losing the midterms and will “continue to lose.”

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“The focus should not be on the big lie, it should not be on taking out members of our own party who might slightly disagree with us, it should be on advancing smart policies for the American people” she concluded.

You can watch the CNN interview here:

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