Trump’s Pentagon Chief Spilled The Beans In “Incoherent Briefing,” Declares “I Cannot Wait To Leave This Job”

Holy Moses...

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Look, the MAGA crowd is jumping ship like drowning rats on a ship full of scurvy as the last few days of the Trump administration come to a close and Donald seems to be on a warpath to see just exactly how much he can screw up on his way out. Most of them are doing so with their heads hung low in shame, though, trying to quietly and with as much face as they can possibly save, slip out unnoticed in hopes that they’re not doomed to a life of scraping gum off the bottom of truck stop tables.

However, when it came to Trump’s Pentagon chief, well, he’s going out with a bang.

Today, acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller held a press gaggle that reporters described as a “Gobsmacking incoherent briefing” when he declared to the reporters that he sincerely could not wait to be rid of the job.


“I so…I mean, I cannot wait to leave this job, believe me,” he declared.

Stephen Losey of the Air Force Times described Miller’s briefing as “the most epic case of senioritis ever.”

“Gobsmacking incoherent briefing from the US acting defense secretary, Chris Miller, today,” world affairs editor for the Guardian, Julian Borger reported of the presser.

Borger went on to note that the official Pentagon transcript actually included the phrase, “blah blah bluh blah.”

Politico’s Andrew Desiderio found himself flabbergasted that Miller actually praised Russia for the success they’ve had under the Trump administration.

“Russian? I think they’re extremely…uh…I have professional respect for how they do things…I think they’ve played a really bad hand of cards very, very well. Declining population, single — single source of economic revenue through natural resources. I kind of, you know, like professionally I’m like, wow, they’re doing pretty well, and they’re using a lot of irregular warfare concepts, information, all this stuff, in a way that, you know, like…good on them,” Miller said.

Yea. It was that crazy.

Don’t believe me? You can read the full transcript here.

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