Trump’s Pettiness Appeared To Be On Full Display After Insiders Claim He Got Into A Spat With A Neighbor At Mar-A-Lago

What a petty little man.

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According to a new report, Donald Trump’s pettiness is just yet another terrible behavior of his that knows no bounds.

Politico has reported that back in December, as Trump prepared to head to NATO (which turned out to be quite a disaster) and his impeachment hearings were all anyone could talk about in the news, Donald was busy carrying on a little spat with a local politician and Florida neighbor at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

Apparently, Herr Twitler was wrapping up a round of golf the weekend after Thanksgiving at his personal golf club when he was approached as he stepped off the 18th green by two of his biggest donors and local politician Jeff Greene — a Palm Beach real estate mogul who ran for the Florida governor position on the Democratic ticket.

He shook the hands of his biggest walking pocketbooks before turning to Greene who lives just a few blocks down from Donnie’s resort and fired off, “Pretty nervy of you to come to this club.”

Greene explained that the cold-shoulder reception he received at the hands of the United States president wasn’t something that gave him a surprise, as the pair had previously gotten into a shouting spat at the club a year prior that the local politician and billionaire recorded and proceeded to use as a part of his political ads.

Greene claims that everyone headed to the Mar-a-Lago dining room for a meal after the rude reception from Trump on the greens. But evidently the populated dining room did nothing to cool Donnie’s jets — as the report claims he proceeded to shout across the dining room at Greene not once, but twice.

“You spent millions of dollars and came in fifth!” Greene recalls Donald screaming.

“I came in fourth!” the politician claims he replied across the dining room.

The White House, of course, declined to comment regarding the reignited feud. However, this report simply showcases what we’ve known about Trump all along: His immaturity and blind, hot-headed desire to destroy anyone he arbitrarily deems an enemy is completely out of control.

Just like in the ordeal he’s found himself in surrounding the Ukraine scandal, Trump seems fundamentally unable to simply let things go.

“More than Biden, the president is in this pickle because of his belief that Ukraine meddled against him,” Sam Nunberg, a former Trump campaign aide stated in regard to the Ukraine scandal. “His primordial instinct to exact revenge can sometimes — as in this case — completely backfire.”

And Nunberg is far from the only one with a similar sentiment for the president.

Trump biographer Tim O’Brien said, “When people get in his way, he has no patience for it and it becomes a personal vendetta even when it shouldn’t and when it’s against his own self-interest.”

“He’s ungoverned around that — he won’t take advice, he won’t look to getting more informed — he will simply do whatever he wants,” O’Brien continued, who now serves as a senior advisor to Democratic candidate Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign. “He’s used to getting away with that because he was insulated from his own mistakes his whole life. His family and his money helped protect him, and then he became a celebrity and he enjoyed the halo of protection that celebrity has, and now he is president he enjoys legal protections.”

“I can say ‘Gee, he’s a boorish guy, pushes through things, he operates from the seat of his pants at the moment and talks first and thinks later,’” Greene, the victim of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago ire ultimately stated. “But it works for him.”

Not for much longer it won’t. Not for much longer.

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