Trump’s Secret Deal With Putin Leaked After Promising America Wouldn’t Find Out

Trump is trying to keep America in the dark — but that's not going to happen.

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While America has been mostly kept in the dark regarding what is going on between president Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin, the truth is starting to come out and it’s raising notable concern.

Trump’s summit with Putin just a few days ago was veiled in secrecy as the two world leaders met behind closed doors, without the presence of government aides. Not much has been said about what was discussed or how Trump plans to stand up to Russia, but as things appear right now the president is planning on going along with whatever Putin wants — especially after a new report from Bloomberg.

According to Bloomberg, Putin had made a proposal to Trump to resolve the dispute over Crimea. Trump actually said he would consider it, as long as Putin made sure no one found out about it. Bloomberg reported that Putin wanted to hold a referendum in Crimea to allow its citizens to decide if they would like to remain a part of Russia or go back to Ukraine, where the territory was originally held until the annexation by Russia in 2014.


Bloomberg reports that Putin “agreed not to disclose the plan publicly so the U.S. president could consider it” during the discussion. This will likely surprise Ukrainian officials, who will be “alarmed” at both Putin’s suggestion and Trump’s consideration of it. In the past, officials in Ukraine have accused Russians of manipulating elections to work in their favor regarding disputed territories, so that it would look as though the annexation was more supported than it actually was.

Bloomberg reported:

Leaders of so-called rebel republics in Donetsk and Luhansk held referendums in May 2014 that declared independence. The votes were rejected as illegal by the U.S. and the European Union, while Ukraine called them a “farce.” Russia said at the time that it “respects” the votes, which showed as much as 96 percent support for breaking away from Ukraine.”

Trump appears to be less trustworthy with each passing day. When will Republicans wake up and realize that something must be done?

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