Trump’s Task Force Briefing Video Appears To Have Accidentally Shown Everything He’s Done Wrong During This Pandemic

Why wouldn't he show a video that ironically depicts him as a moron? He's a moron.

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During Trump’s first post-Easter Coronavirus Task Force briefing — those near-daily substitutes for his forbidden MAGA rallies — the president went well and truly off the rails, according to, well, literally anyone who watched it.

Not only did he declare himself a dictator, but he essentially threw down with a woman reporter who was easily the most intrepid journalist in the room: She pushed back so hard on his answers to the very simple inquiry as to what he did during the month of February that he lost his cool and just began calling her names and insulting her.

I think that was because he thought he’d driven his point home with a video that most are now calling essentially propaganda — a compilation of clips from during the pandemic that he freely admitted his staff had worked on, in violation of the Hatch Act, since it was basically a campaign reel.


But as Vox reporter Aaron Rupar points out, the video he showed and his back-and-forth with the reporter are connected in a way that many probably didn’t notice during the briefing itself: Even his own propaganda supports exactly what the reporter was asking about — what the hell was going on during the month of February?

Notice how the video timeline jumps from early February directly to March 2nd?

That could be because he was busy holding rallies and golfing that month, despite having had the coronavirus brought to his attention as early as December. But as Rupar points out in an article that accompanies his tweet, even the dates and events Trump did include in the video don’t actually look that great for the president:

  • He highlights the CDC’s creation of a response team on January 7th, but at the time he was publicly downplaying the infection, so he clearly wasn’t involved in that decision.
  • He notes the first case in the US, which he promptly said was just “one guy” — and this one pissed me off because that one guy was an hour from your humble author’s home.
  • He announces the travel ban for China — which Rupar points out was the one good thing he did, after which he wasted weeks responding further.
  • He touts his European travel ban, which immediately turned into an outright nightmare at airports across the nation.

In short, it was basically a video of how much Trump has sucked at every aspect of responding to this pandemic, with some accolades from ass-kissers thrown in as audio.

Ironically, given how bad Trump is at literally everything, this video was probably about what he could expect from anything that set out a timeline of his actions. At least it was well-produced (and illegal under the Hatch Act).

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