Trump’s Week Just Got Worse As DOJ Says The Ex-President’s Former Officials Will Not Be Blocked From Testifying In Front Of Commission

Trump is so screwed.

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Folks, Donald Trump is having himself a no good, very bad day and it’s only getting worse with each passing moment.

Chuck Todd and Mark Murray and Ben Kamisar penned a rather blistering op-ed for NBC News today where they theorized that ex-president Trump “sure had a rough day on Tuesday” as the House’s Jan. 6 committee heard testimony after testimony from Capitol police today when they recalled that fateful day that Trump’s own supporters launched a violent attack on this nation’s Capitol building.

“Notably, Trump didn’t comment on yesterday’s testimony (but he did fire off statements on masks, crime, and the Ohio-15 special election),” the trio penned. “Then Trump’s endorsed candidate in Texas’ 6th Congressional District — Republican Susan Wright — lost to fellow Republican Jake Ellzey, demonstrating the limits to a Trump endorsement, even in a low-turnout runoff.”


Todd, Murray, and Kamisar go on to note that while the GOP has tried in a multitude of ways to satisfy and appease Trump “they’ve never to tried to marginalize a former president who, it turns out, doesn’t have as much power as they think he does.”

Now it certainly looks as though Donnie’s no good, very bad day could get a whole hell of a lot worse after the United States Department of Justice just revealed that they will not be blocking former officials from ex-president Donald Trump’s administration from testifying before the commission.

Thus far, surprisingly enough, Trump has yet to make any public comments on the testimonies that took place during the January 6th hearing, nor has he had anything to say regarding Susan Wright’s loss. While there’s certainly no way to confirm the reason for Trump’s apparent silence in the midst of such uproar, I’m willing to bet it has a whole lot to do with being nervous.

You can read the full op-ed at NBC here.

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