Twitter Is Absolutely Howling At Trump’s Expense As The Ego Maniac Ex-President Literally Claims “I Think I Came Up With” The Word “Caravans” During Tonight’s Ridiculous Rally

Uhm... WHAT?!

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I’ve said it before and I am here to say it again — ex-President Donald Trump’s ego is absolutely unhinged.

I’m not kidding. It is truly a thousand wonders how the man’s head has not literally expanded to the point of exploding all over God’s green creation.

It’s bad enough on a “normal” day. But when it comes to these ridiculous MAGA turned Save America rallies he keeps having — despite the fact that he still has yet to actually announce that he’s even running or even really commit one way or another, as he skirts those campaign finances laws for as long as humanly possible — the display of ego-stroking is quite literally almost nauseating.

I’ve come to notice that, during these nonsense events of his, he and the crowd kind of play off of each other. Trump will say something wildly, maniacally egotistical, only for his rabid supporters to egg him on and induce something even more off the wall and insane. It genuinely gets to the point that you can almost literally see his big, stupid head physically swelling up with each cheer and scream if you look close enough.

Tonight, the washed-up, one-term, twice-impeached former guy held one of these ego-stroking events of his in the small town of Deleware, OH, and the self-importance reached a crescendo we’re not sure if we’ve ever even seen before, as Donald Trump stood up on stage and quite literally claimed that he thinks he made up the name “Caravans” for immigrants coming to the US at the southern border.


“The caravan,” Trump said, “I think I came up with that name. I call them caravans, and they’re pouring into our country.”

Let me tell you, y’all — Twitter was HOWLING:

I swear, I lose IQ points every time I have to watch one of these.

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