Twitter Questions Trump’s Sanity After He Posts Bizarre Tweet That Seemingly Implies He Hasn’t Succeeded In Making America Great: “Are You Drunk?”

I don't think he thought this through.

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During a morning-long meltdown on social media, Donald Trump did something that it’s hard to imagine he truly understands: He admitted he’s a failure.

Not in so many words, of course. But it’s part of a pattern of him accidentally dropping nuggets of truth on us that he never intended to be taken in the way that they sound to people who aren’t snorting Adderall like it’s Sinex in hayfever season.

After having a complete breakdown over the recent order by California Governor Gavin Newsom mandating mail-in ballots be sent to every voter in the state, Trump seemed to think he was on to a theme, promoting a Republican candidate in California’s 25th Congressional District and generally shouting about the American political system, when he randomly switched to all-caps and let loose:


Now, I don’t know if he’s still got the transition team he was forced by law to put together by last Sunday in preparation of the November election, or if he’s just still got a big word floating around in his brainpan, but I’m pretty sure the irony is lost on him from that tweet.

See, Donnie, if we need to “transition to greatness” then we’re not great now, right?

I mean, it was bad enough when he ran on Reagan’s old slogan “Make America Great Again,” because even that totally implied that he didn’t think much of our country. But now that asshole’s been in office for more than three years, so for him to say we need to “transition” to greatness is to implicitly say that he sucks at his own job.

Twitter users were not amused:

Every time Trump tweets something idiotic like this, I’m always amazed at how much he hates socialism — because he gets publicly owned every time.

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