Twitter Went Nuts After Ivanka Posted “Amazing” Photo Of Her Dad At Mt. Rushmore

Oh, hush.

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Ivanka Trump tweeted out a photo of her daddy-president at Mount Rushmore, and that went down about as well as you might have guessed. The outgoing first daughter and adviser to her father called the picture of her father grinning below the carved busts of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln during his visit there on July 3rd “amazing.” And honestly, the tone-deaf tweet amid the pandemic seems to fall in line with the Trump family’s narcissism.

Hey, at least she gave the photographer credit. The Trumps tend to take credit from others, so that’s at least something.


Twitter users piled in.

I’m not sure what message Ivanka is trying to send with that idiotic tweet. Ivanka should pack her bags and take her jejune tweets and grifting husband with her.

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573 points