Twitter Went Wild After Trump Seemingly Admitted Defeat, Referred To “The Biden Administration”

He knows.

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Donald Trump was on a roll, tweeting out nonsensical messages as if the president is desperate, and likely feeling pretty bad after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris was featured as TIME magazine’s ‘Person of the Year.’ It is not a good day for Trump after losing dozens of court cases in his attempt to overturn the presidential election results. While Americans are suffering from the coronavirus pandemic, the president’s schedule is blank.

Trump has stubbornly refused to accept his loss to President-elect Joe Biden while further dividing this country. The president has not promised there will be a peaceful transition of power. Still, as he threw out a flurry of tweets, and in one, he mentioned “the Biden administration,” and that’s probably as close to conceding as Trump will ever get. He knows. He knows he lost.


The Twitterverse noticed that, too.

We’re not sure what scandals Trump is referring to regarding Joe Biden, but this impeached president is plagued with scandals.

Trump knows it’s over, and he’s about to learn what ‘law and order’ really means after he vacates the White House.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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