Two More Close Trump Insiders Are Soon To Be Held In Criminal Contempt By The January 6th House Select Committee, According To Politico Reporter

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If ever there were a trend among Trump Republicans, it’s the fact that the entire lot of them seem to be of the firm belief that, no matter what, they are not beholden to all the same rules as all the rest of us.

The January 6th House Select Committee is making damn sure that they all know… They are. They very, very much are.

Several of Trump’s closest cronies have tried to skirt the law by refusing to comply with subpoenas issued against them by the House Select Committee that is currently conducting an ongoing investigation into the January 6th Capitol insurrection. They once again seem to believe that they are not required to follow the law. However, the panel is not allowing these Trump sycophants to get away with that. Instead, they are determined to hold Trump’s closest jockeys accountable, even when it seems no one else will.

According to breaking new reporting from POLITICO, the House Select Committee is not moving forward with prosecution on charges of criminal contempt against two of ex-President Donald Trump’s top former White House aides, over their illegal defiance of congressional subpoenas.

POLITICO’s Kyle Cheney, Betsy Woodruff Swan, and Nicholas Wu report, “The panel announced Thursday that it will commence contempt proceedings Monday against Dan Scavino, Jr. and Peter Navarro. If the matter is approved by the committee, the full House would then vote on whether to make a formal referral to the Justice Department. Prosecutors in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington D.C. would then decide whether or not to file charges.”

Dan Scavino is highly regarded as a trusted ally of the ex-president, as one of the longest-serving and closest aides to Donald Trump, and used to handle social media for him. Scavino was one of the first people subpoenaed by the House Committee on September 23rd of last year, as he was reportedly present in the White House with Donald Trump as the Capitol siege took place.

Navarro was subpoenaed last month and his attorney immediately responded with a lengthy statement confirming that the Trump aide would not comply. Navarro has personally bragged of his role in organizing the Republican congressional effort to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

“It’s the fourth time the select committee has moved to hold recalcitrant witnesses in contempt, as they’ve also sought criminal prosecution for former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, former chief of staff Mark Meadows, and former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark,” the report reads. “It’s a signal that investigators likely no longer expect those witnesses to cooperate. This attempt comes as the committee begins to wind down the investigative phase of its probe and begin holding public hearings to detail its findings.”

You can read the full report from POLITICO here.

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