Venue Abruptly Cancels “America First” Rally After Learning Matt Gaetz And Marjorie Taylor Greene Were Slated As Key Speakers

Ouch! That's embarrassing.

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Two of the GOP’s biggest embarrassments likely aren’t very happy after the venue for their upcoming “Save America” rally abruptly canned their plans pretty much instantly upon finding out who was slated to be the event’s main speakers.

Republican Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene, who’s known for her downright disgusting Holocaust comparisons these days, and Matt Gaetz, who’s known for his alleged affinity for underage girls and sex trafficking, now have to find a new place to host their upcoming “Save America” rally after the owners of a Laguna Hills event center said they don’t want anything to do with that mess, according to a new report from the Orange County Register. 

General manager of Pacific Hills Banquet & Event Center, Javad Mirtavoosi, told the publication yesterday, “We just want to stay clear of that.”


Of course, Greene’s campaign is already disputing the venue’s account of how the cancellation went down and they’re continuing to sell tickets to an Orange County rally as they search for a new venue to host the event on the same day.

A spokesman for Greene’s campaign, Nick Dyer, said, “We’re very close to securing a location that will proudly host our America First Rally with Congresswoman Greene and Congressman Gaetz.”

Earlier this week, an image began to circulate on social media featuring a flier promoting a July 17th America First rally that would feature Gaetz and Greene as headliners at the event. The circulating image cites the Pacific Hills center on Moulton Parkway as the location for the rally.

Mirtavoosi revealed that when the event was booked, they were under the impression that it was just a “gathering.”

“As soon as we found out who the speakers were we immediately canceled it,” he explained.

Gaetz and Greene have made quite the ridiculous pair since kicking off these rallies of their back in May with an appearance at a Trump-loving Florida retirement community.

Of course, in addition to supporting the disgraced ex-president and his Big Lie regarding the 2020 presidential election, Both Gaetz and Greene are drowning in controversy of their own after Gaetz was accused of sex trafficking and sexual relationships with underage girls and Greene continues to defend far-right extremists and comparing everything President Biden does to Nazis in the Holocaust.

The report notes, “Mirtavoosi declined to say whether he or the center had political differences with the speakers, or whether they’d gotten phone calls about the event.”

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“We just thought it would be best for our facility to cancel,” Mirtavoosi said.

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