Video From Donald Trump’s Birthday Party Doesn’t Seem To Show Melania Anywhere

Such a loving couple.

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Former President Donald Trump celebrated his 75th birthday on Monday with a dinner at the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey. And as Yahoo News points out, Melania doesn’t appear in the photos or a video of the event. Mr. and Mrs. Trump always appeared to have an icy relationship, so it’s not too surprising. But it isn’t normal either.

According to the outlet, Donald Jr.’s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle was there, former NFL star Herschel Walker attended, Indiana congressman Jim Banks and Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert. Also, Stephen Miller appears to be there as well. However, Melania wasn’t seen in the video.



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“The couple has very different hobbies and seems to prefer their independent activities, but no one should read too much into her absence,” the outlet reports. “The source adds that Melania “has a good life and knows it,” so this shouldn’t be seen as a sign that there is trouble in their marriage. And Trump didn’t have many of his family members in attendance — only Donald Jr. and his girlfriend. Eric and Lara Trump chose to acknowledge his birthday on social media while daughter Ivanka couldn’t be bothered at all.”

On more than one occasion, Melania has slapped her husband’s hand away, and it’s been reported that the couple has separate bedrooms. The two don’t seem to have a loving relationship, and instead, perhaps it’s just a financial one. Anyone’s 75th birthday should be a big deal. What I’m saying here is that the Trump family is weird. There doesn’t seem to be much love shown from Donald Trump with his children either.

In contrast, President Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, seem to have a very loving relationship. The last four years seemed to be the first time we had a loveless married couple residing in the White House.  Good riddance.

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