Video Seemingly Catches Trump Supporter Hitting Protesters With His Car

Nothing to see here. Just Trump's supporters doing his bidding.

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President Donald Trump has apparently ginned up his base enough to get them to commit violence against protesters because his supporters just got caught on video trying to run over them with a Jeep.

In the city of Visalia, California, protesters demonstrating against police brutality and racial injustice in response to the killing of George Floyd were reportedly chanting “f*ck Donald Trump” when two women were hit by a Jeep featuring a “Keep America Great” banner.

The vehicle had come to a stop before reaching the protesters, but the driver resumed forward movement and struck both of them, causing minor leg injuries.


Here’s the video:

One of the women, Karina Ramirez told a reporter that the people in the vehicle heckled them before trying to run them down.

In response to reports that the two perpetrators in the vehicle attend Fresno State, the school issued a statement condemning the incident and vowed to investigate and take appropriate action.

Police are currently investigating and the district attorney stands ready to act.

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Trump’s attempt to incite violence against protesters is clearly being taken seriously by some of his supporters, making them a dangerous threat to protesters and society in general as our country continues to face one crisis after another due to his incompetence and recklessness. And you can bet that more protesters will end up being injured or even killed because of his rhetoric.

Featured image via screen capture

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