Waitress Who Works In D.C. Detailed What It Was Like Serving The White House Officials Who Worked For Trump

I do not envy her.

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Moe Tkacik penned a column for Slate, detailing what it was like to serve Trump officials at the Washington, DC restaurant where she works. The list of officials includes Stephen Miller, former Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, and Steve Mnuchin’s wife. Tkacik writes that “they were exhausting, impossible, stingy, and cruel, just like at their day jobs.” Miller grilled her about caviar, and after he paid for his meal, he tipped her 18.5 percent.

“The Republicans who followed 45 to town were exhausting, impossible, often stingy, and — because the restaurant was never busy enough anymore to soothe the sting of a bad table with a full section — memorable,” she writes.

Wilbur Ross — who is a multimillionaire many times over — “would order the cheapest wine on the by-the-glass list and didn’t tip more than 14 percent, no matter how often you topped him off without charging.”


Steve Mnuchin’s wife had a lot of dietary restrictions.

“A group of socialite regulars threw a luncheon to welcome Steve Mnuchin’s wife to town, but she had so many dietary restrictions the whole meal was just awkward, and after she made headlines insulting an Instagram commenter for having less money than she did, I never saw her again either,” she writes. “I got a standing OK to comp grilled calamari to the administration’s newly broke Secret Service agents, who would otherwise sit for hours nursing no more than a Coke or a cup of coffee and never to my knowledge did anything to disrespect our restrooms.”

In contrast, the Obamas commanded respect.

“But then the Obamas would stroll in like a gorgeous, happy ex, to celebrate a birthday or throw a party for Meryl Streep and Steven Spielberg, and you could feel the whole restaurant swoon,” she writes. ‘“Now listen, I’m so Republican I literally am the vast right-wing conspiracy,” a sixtysomething Red Cross official told me one afternoon after watching Michelle and the girls glide toward a secluded table. “But my goodness, Michelle Obama is such a lovely, gracious woman, I adore her, and it really pains me that she doesn’t get enough credit for that.”

“But now that they’re gone, good God it must be said: They really were the scum of the earth, and while some of them, I’m sure, are good people, I’ll be plenty happy with merely a $1,400 check if I never have to see another one of them in my section again,” she concludes.

Amazingly, she survived after having to serve a soul-sucking ghoul like Stephen Miller and dealing with a shallow person like Steve Mnuchin’s wife.

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