Walter Reed Hospital’s Housekeeper Details How Differently Her Covid-19 Infection Was Treated In Comparison To Trump’s

Most won't be as lucky as him, and he takes it for granted.

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There are two separate realities in America and there’s no better example of this, unfortunately, than health care. Those of us lucky enough to have the means have a wildly different experience to those of us that have to think hard about even going to see a doctor. The gap between these two realities widens when you compare the experience of a normal person and the President of the United States and their treatments for COVID-19.

Donald Trump has made it no secret that he has gotten over his stint with coronavirus, but don’t be fooled., it isn’t because he is a fighter. It is because of the top-notch treatment he received. Trump and his administration won’t talk about the fact that the most important treatments he received were derived from fetal tissue and stem cell research — the very thing his administration fights against.

Juxtapose this with normal people, more specifically those who are on the front lines of this pandemic offering aid to those who are suffering. A housekeeper at Walter Reed Medical Center, the very place Trump went to get his extensive $100,000 plus treatment, offers up a very different story. Helen Avalos survived COVID and recently wrote of her experience with it on Huffpost and how it differed so wildly from Trump’s.

Firstly, she doesn’t take this disease lightly. She wrote in her article, “I had COVID-19 earlier this year, as did several of my colleagues, we all have had several friends and family members pass away from the virus, including nearly 140 members of my union, SEIU 32BJ.”

She continued with a stark reminder of what many of us face:

We did not have the benefit of being rushed to a hospital with a team of doctors devoted to us. All we could do was isolate ourselves at home and do everything we could to beat it on our own. We were told to only go to the hospital if we had trouble breathing because, thanks to the Trump administration’s failure to control the pandemic, our health care system was too overwhelmed to care for us.”

Avalos continued showing us the explicit differences between the care we can only hope to receive compared to those of us in the same echelon as the President, “Unlike the president, I had no professional care to reassure me or treat new pains or changes in my condition, I took care of myself drinking home remedies, alone in my bedroom. I tried to stay calm and reassure myself that I’d fully recover. I did everything I could not to expose my family.”

Just think twice when you see Trump flaunting his easy recovery from the disease. That isn’t what is in store for most of us if we get sick.

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