WAPO Reports That Trump Didn’t Hold Public Events Recently Because Aides Felt He Was “Too Volatile To Interact Freely With Reporters”

He is a rage-machine.

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We finally made it after suffering for four very long years with Donald Trump at the helm.  Joe Biden was sworn in, and the outgoing disgraced president is on his way to his Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago. Trump gave his last rally-style speech before fleeing to the Sunshine State, and it was a doozy, filled with his usual lies. But, Trump hadn’t had any public events recently, especially after his failed attempted coup when his supporters attacked a co-equal branch of government to overturn the election. The Washington Post revealed why Trump — a man that seeks adulation from his supporters — had been hidden from the public.

“In an indication of his wounded state, the president who took office determined to be omnipresent in American life, with daily and at times hourly appearances before the press corps, was almost entirely absent from public view as he prepared to vacate the White House on Wednesday morning,” the outlet reports.

“Trump has spent the past seven days effectively in hiding, apart from delivering a scripted farewell address that his staff recorded and released Tuesday afternoon,” the report continues. ‘In the 19-minute speech, he acknowledged that his term as the 45th president is concluding and declared, “We did what we came here to do and so much more.”’


The report says that a White House official said that “aides feel he is too volatile to interact freely with reporters. Trump is “just not in a place where they would go well.”

“Many of Trump’s current and former advisers and associates lament how his presidency is concluding not with a celebration of his policy achievements, but with an unprecedented second impeachment that will permanently tarnish his legacy,” the outlet reports.

Trump’s legacy will be the over four hundred thousand Americans that died on his watch from the coronavirus, the disease the outgoing president failed to act upon when he first learned of the looming threat. Adding to that will be the families that were intentionally separated at the Southern border. And because that wasn’t enough, Donald Trump — who has been impeached twice in just one term — encouraged an attack on the Capitol that resulted in deaths, mayhem, chaos, and destruction. Donald J. Trump should be shunned by society for the rest of his miserable life.

You can read the full report here.

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