Watch As Far-Right Conspiracy Theorist Went To The Supreme Court To Tell RBG Mourners That “Roe v. Wade Is Dead”

What an absolute piece of sh*t.

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It wasn’t enough for the Trumpian right to simply entertain the thought of their president getting to nominate another Supreme Court Justice after the untimely and tragic death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It wasn’t enough to see Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell immediately become a hypocrite about voting on a nominee in the final year of a president’s term and declare that there would be a vote this year.

It wasn’t even enough to see Trump tweeting hastily that Republicans should ram through whoever he picks — and I say that with a note of sarcasm, since we all know he’s going to nominate far-right conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett, who he told friends he was “saving” for when RBG died — “without delay.”

No, to the Trumpian mind, nothing matters more than “owning the libs,” as the kids say. They thrive on the misery of their political opponents in a way that I think most Democrats, liberals, and leftists are neither able to do nor even to understand.


To that end, the handful of high-profile real-life trolls that have dedicated themselves to this pursuit and to supporting Donald Trump have made the headlines more than once with their outrageous stunts, sickening proclamations, and even underhanded trickery with edited videos or audio designed to convey messages that are untrue and unfair.

Jacob Wohl is one such troll, so besotted with Trump that he became known briefly as the ultimate “reply guy” on Twitter: Everything Donald Trump ever posted in perhaps the first two years of his presidency, Jacob Wohl was the first to comment on it.

Wohl went on to participate in all kinds of high-profile shenanigans on behalf of Trump, or in an effort to impress him, or something — none of us are quite sure. He attempted to frame Robert Mueller, Pete Buttigieg, and even Dr. Anthony Fauci with sexual assault allegations brought by women he’d paid to accuse them. He’s fabricated death threats against himself. The felony case against him for securities fraud is postponed only because of the pandemic.

It was sadly no surprise, then, to see a video of him pop up on social media, taunting Ginsburg mourners outside the Supreme Court with a bullhorn, shouting at them that the landmark 1973 SCOTUS decision protecting a woman’s right to an abortion, Roe v. Wade, was “dead” along with the late Justice, who had dedicated her career to protecting the rights of women.

I hope that the collective left can take a moment, once the federal government changes hands in November and then officially in January, to practice a little of what Wohl and his troll pals are so good at. I, for one, will be celebrating their misery.

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