Watch As Governor Brian Kemp Is Met With Loud Boos At Republican Convention In Georgia

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Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp has never been a favorite of pretty much anyone with half a soul or brains in their head; despite being one of Donald Trump’s greatest love children.

Kemp seemed to find this out the hard way today when he made an appearance at a GOP event and was met with a downright brutal reception from a crowd full of people belonging to his own party.

Today, Republicans in the state of Georgia held their state convention, where the GOP Governor Kemp took to the stage for the festivities — only to be met with a round of boos so brutally intense that he wasn’t even able to get a word in edgewise for a good 30 seconds or so. In the end, Kemp was able to soothe and calm the crowd enough to settle the round of boos down and even managed to earn himself a round of applause at one point for bragging about his decision to end restrictions in the state regarding the coronavirus pandemic.


But frankly, that doesn’t change the fact that everyone was eager to express their hate and loathing towards him the moment they first saw his face.

See for yourself:

You may be wondering why Kemp would receive such a cold welcome from members of his own party, but most of it just boils down to leftover bitterness and a sense of betrayal hailing from the governor’s refusal to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, when the southern state went blue for the first time in ages, in favor of President Joe Biden. Supporters of disgraced former President Trump’s wanted Kemp to replace the panel of Democratic electors in the state with Republican ones who would vote in favor of Donald Trump despite the results of the people’s voice; a move Kemp said he was unable to do because it’s against the law.

On the heels of the cold reception at the convention, Democrat turned Republican in support of Donald Trump,  Vernon Jones, who is now running against Kemp in the primary, shared the video of Kemp’s boos to social media, stating, “change is coming.”

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