Watch As Senator Humiliates Mitch McConnell By Reading From Mueller Report On Senate Floor

Mitch will be needing some ice for that burn.

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The entire Trump administration has been scrambling for weeks now in an attempt to get everyone to just shut up about the Mueller report. They want to continue the narrative of “complete and total exoneration” and those pesky people that are actually reading the report for themselves (instead of taking the word of a bunch corrupt Republicans) are really getting in their way of doing so.

One of the biggest champions of Trump’s supposed victory is Mitch McConnell, who’s spent the entire morning on the Senate floor demanding that everyone just stop looking at it for Christ’s sake. He insisted that the Special Counsel’s report vindicated the president and there was absolutely no reason to continue investigating whether the president obstructed Robert Mueller’s investigation attempts. Except there is a reason — because he did — and boy, Elizabeth Warren let him know about it.

Senator and 2020 Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren took her own turn on the Senate floor this morning and proceeded to mop it with Mitch McConnell. She cited the United States Constitution and the separation of power it grants Congress, crucified Mitch for completely renouncing his sworn duty as a senator by “circling the wagon” to protect the president instead of the people of America, and decided to read directly from Special Counsel Mueller’s report to back it up.


“Our Constitution is built on separation of powers, precisely to prevent a dictator or autocrat from taking control of our government,” Warren blistered. “This separation of powers is part of the brilliance of our Constitution and it has served us well for centuries.”

“I took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and so did everybody in the Senate and the House, including the majority leader… There is no political inconvenience exception to the United States Constitution.”

“If any other human being in this country had done what’s documented in Mueller report, they’d be arrested, and put in jail,” she chastised. “The Majority Leader doesn’t want us to consider the mountain of evidence against the president. That is wrong.”

There’s really nothing else we need to say about that. She destroyed him, made a fool of him, and called on him to get that turtle head out of Trump’s ass. That pretty much covered everything.

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