Watch As Trump Drives By Billboard Truck With “Loser” And His Face Printed On It

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On Saturday, a political action committee that’s been essentially dedicated full time to trolling and calling out Republicans in public in ways that can’t be ignored finally saw one of their greatest wishes come to fruition.

The Mad Dog PAC has its mission right in the “About” section of their website:

Mad Dog PAC engages in high-impact, high-visibility, non-violent activities to fight fascism and defeat Donald Trump and his merry band of GOP Traitors.”

High visibility is the key phrase there. We’ve seen founder Claude Taylor and his crew put up billboards against all manner of Republican malcontents like Mitch McConnell, Devin Nunes, Cory Gardner, Matt Gaetz, and anyone else who desperately needed to be taken down a peg or two. But when it comes to the GOP figurehead himself, Donald Trump, visibility has to be the number one factor.


So while it’s alright with Mad Dog if only constituents see a Kentucky billboard calling the Senate Majority Leader a Russian asset as they drive past it on the highway, the goal with trolling the president is to get Trump himself to see it. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that Trump’s handlers would have to furiously try to keep the president from seeing something offensive as he rolls past in his motorcade, huddling around him to block his view so he doesn’t immediately whip out his phone and start tweeting.

Frankly, that’s the stuff dreams are made of.

So watching the presidential motorcade roll past one of Mad Dog’s mobile truck billboards with a message aimed directly at Trump, and getting it on video, well… That’s just pure satisfaction.

Add to all that the fact that Mad Dog was able to pay for the billboard truck with the proceeds of a custom t-shirt they sell on the site featuring the duo that’s set to displace Trump and Pence in November’s election, and that satisfaction becomes all that much sweeter. It’s like a giant middle finger directly from American citizens who want to see Trump gone, through Mad Dog, and in the president’s face.

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