Watch As Veteran Tells Rep. Matt Gaetz To His Face That He’s Betraying His Oath Of Office For Defending Trump’s Crimes

This is powerful stuff.

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Let’s be honest: Nobody likes Matt Gaetz. I think Matt’s reflection in the mirror probably tries to punch him in the face once in a while, if I’m being real right now. He’s just an unlikeable dude.

It was always that way, because nobody likes a smarmy douchebag who weasels his way out of trouble using connections and white privilege. I’m not actually sure how popular Gaetz is with his own constituents anymore.

But during the impeachment inquiry, it’s increased double- and triple-fold. He has proven that he has absolutely no interest in the process of law, in the rules of the House, in his own oath of office, or in democracy itself — something many Republicans have displayed, but not many have made as clear as Matt has.


To make matters worse, Matt’s one of the more practiced GOP lawmakers in the House at just shouting down opponents, ignoring evidence, and lying with a straight face, on camera, out loud, to the entire country.

Finally, Rep. Gaetz has been confronted by someone he can’t just shout down, can’t ignore, and can’t just walk away from. Oh, he can try and deny what this veteran says, but he sounds silly even as the words are coming out of his mouth — because we know that HE knows he’s lying.

This exchange with a US veteran, though, is absolutely priceless: From the ridiculous denials to him disputing actual facts, Matt sounds like a complete buffoon trying to defend himself from what the veteran has to say — which is that he is violating his oath of office through his continued, unquestioning support for Trump regardless of the facts.

Using the hashtag “#VeteransForImpeachment,” Democratic Coalition activist Scott Dworkin tweeted this exchange between the two men in which Matt Gaetz actually says that democracy is not sacred.

This is horrifying, but it sure looks a lot like what the rest of the GOP is doing as well, whether they sound as dumb as Gaetz while they do it or not.

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