Watch Lindsey Graham Take Off After Marine Corps Vet Asks Him About Trump’s Failure To Uphold Constitution

What a COWARD.

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I know it’s hard to believe, but South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham was once a military officer. It’s true, I looked it up! He was in the Air Force way back in the day and made it all the way to the rank of Colonel, and really I don’t care so much about what he did in the military but I do care about whether or not it means anything to him.

See, Lindsey actually only just officially retired from the Air Force a few years ago, having accumulated over 33 years in the service. His rank put him in charge — or in his case, with the right to be in charge — of a full “wing” unit consisting of about a thousand to maybe four thousand aviation service members. That’s probably why Graham made his way onto the Senate Armed Services Committee, with his full complement of experience.

I say all this because I want to convey that if anyone in the United States Congress, House or Senate, has respect for the military, it’s Lindsey Graham. He ritually votes for everything that sends money, supplies, awards, or honors to the military, as though it’s part of his code.


And that’s understandable, really — no matter the branch, no matter the length of service, no matter the command you leave behind as you exit your tenure as a soldier, the camaraderie, mutual respect, and shared experiences of the military stick with those who have worn the uniform for the rest of their lives.

Most consider it an honor and a privilege to serve in this nation’s Armed Forces, and the country in return honors them with days of remembrance, parades, job assistance, health care, money for college, and a host of other benefits that show America cares about its veterans. As a member of Congress, Lindsey Graham has always — rightly — voted to expand these things.

Now watch him absolutely disrespect and run out on an Iraq Marine veteran who tried to politely, respectfully ask him a question about Donald Trump:

This is absolutely shameful, but obviously whatever Trump paid for Lindsey Graham’s silence also bought him Graham’s pride, dignity, and conscience.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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