We Bet You Didn’t Know: According To The NYT, Lindsey Graham And Laura Ingraham Once Dated

In fact, we almost guarantee you didn't know.

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As tempted as I am to just let this get shared everywhere as just a headline and then me laughing my head off in the body of the article, I am compelled through my sense of media integrity (whatever that means now) to go ahead and give you the actual story as I found it myself so that you can puzzle over it, timidly allow yourself to briefly imagine it, and then run screaming for the nearest bottle of eye bleach to burn it from your brain.

Here at Political Tribune we have, of course, written about the speculation over what it is that Trump could possibly have to hold over South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham’s head to make him do a political 180 from “if we nominate him, we’ll get what we deserve” to “I’ve never tasted a nicer pair of boots.”

Some of that speculation resurfaced today as the hashtag “Lady G” made its way across the internet:


But that wasn’t always the common wisdom — or at least, Senator Graham, then-Congressman Graham, used to be more careful about the public image he put forth.

In fact, as “beards” go — the common term for a significant other that a gay person dates or marries in order to maintain an air of secrecy about their sexual orientation — Graham once had high-profile tastes.

That’s right, Lindsey Graham and Laura In-Graham needed nothing but chocolate and marshmallow fluff to make s’mores back in the day, “not quite canoodling” at a restaurant blocks from the Capitol, her hand up his sleeve in some kind of strange dance of Republican faux-mating.

Was it dating? The Times thought so, but then, they hadn’t seen Lindsey dye his hair bottle blonde or heard a hundred DC escorts call him “Lady G.”

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