White House Adviser Peter Navarro Argued “This Election Was Stolen” — And Fox News Anchor Shot Back: “More Than 24 Judges Do Not See That”

Foiled AGAIN!

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Things aren’t looking good for Donald Trump as he seeks to overturn the presidential election results after being soundly defeated by Joe Biden in both the electoral and popular vote. In the latest news, the Minnesota Supreme Court just dismissed the Republican lawsuit seeking to delay the election certification. According to attorney Marc Elias, that puts Trump and his allies at 1-43 in post-election litigation. Just one for team Trump. That’s it. Even Trump-appointed judges have been rolling their eyes. Biden keeps winning the election over and over again.

So, White House adviser Peter Navarro appeared on Fox Business News to claim that the election was “stolen.” But here’s the thing, folks: You need evidence to back up such a stunning claim, then a judge looks over said evidence to determine what is true or not. And so far, team Trump has not come up with a shred of evidence to prove that widespread voter fraud took place. And I truly think Navarro and Trump’s merry band of nitwits like Rudy Giuliani, Lin Wood, etc., know it, too. But they’re trying to pacify the president, so they’re running with it. And they’re running with it because it’s a massive grift.

Fox Business anchor Liz Claman knows it, too, and shot back at Navarro, Why do judges not see that, Peter? “More than 24 judges do not see that.”



Trump’s enablers are allowing the president to take a shit all over our democracy so they can coddle his narcissistic ego. And all of this while Americans are dying in staggering numbers. Biden will take the oath of office on January 20th, and Trump does not stand a chance in overturning the election. Because again, he would need actual evidence to do that.  Tweeting insane and debunked conspiracy theories is not evidence. It’s just an old, abusive man yelling out his grievances at the world because he lost. It’s not as if Biden said at a campaign rally, “Russia, if your listening,” while giving a foreign entity the go-ahead to hack his rival’s emails.

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