White House Claims Trump Is “Working All Day” During Impeachment Vote Proceedings, Social Media Users Respond By Posting All Of Trump’s Unhinged Tweets So Far Today

'Working.' Suuuuurrrreeee.

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It’s finally here. Today is the day that Donald Trump will almost assuredly forever be tainted by a formal impeachment.

Regardless of whether or not the Senate actually decides to remove him from office once the ball is in their hands, the likely vote cast by the House this evening will label Donald Trump as an impeached president for the rest of eternity.

And he’s not handling it well.


Donald made it strikingly clear yesterday, through his own admissions, that the looming prospect of impeachment was getting under his skin far more than he’s been willing to publicly admit when he sent a downright groveling 6-page letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in which he attacked her and the entire Democratic party, compared himself to a Salem witch, and then essentially begged her to put a stop to this whole thing before the Hosue assuredly voted against him.

The state of Trump’s mental health has done nothing but gone downhill today as the hours literally tick by, getting closer and closer to the final vote this evening.

If you’ve paid any mind to his Twitter account, where he always retreats to air his grievances and anxieties, Donald has very clearly been coming apart at the seams since he took his first hit of Adderall this morning.

Countless times now today, he’s taken to his social media platform with screaming rants against the impeachment process, generally complete with all the shouty caps he can fit into 280 characters.

And he’s firing them off just as fast as his fat little thumbs will type them. We’ve even been graced by a few typo-filed unhinged rants as the day has gone on.

But despite the fact that Donnie is very clearly and very publicly losing his absolute shit, his press secretary Stephanie Grisham still wants us all to believe that Trump is actually “working” rather than spending his entire day in a manic fit.

In a statement, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham claimed, “The President will be working all day. He will be briefed by staff throughout that day, and could catch some of the proceedings between meetings.”

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One of two things is happening here: Either our definitions of “work” are entirely different, or ol’ Stephanie is trying her damndest to cover up the fact that the Cheeto-in-chief is having a full-blown nervous breakdown.

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